Backyard Cinema presents † The Last Chapel

Watching classics on screen has never been so cool. If you don’t know Backyard Cinema by now; is this hipster-intellectual-alternative cinema experience where people sit in bean bags and sip cool cocktails and basically, spends half of the time taking photos of the decoration because, let’s face it, it’s so damn cool!

Backyard Cinema builds themed movie theaters, and this time they’ve got some inspiration from Mr. Tarantino for The Last Chapel screenings. I’ve been meaning to go for some time now, and this last weekend I came across this awesome location called Mercato Metropolitano, and there it was: The Last Chapel decoration that I knew to the detail because has been following me on Facebook and Instagram the whole month.

I can only imagine how cool will be on the inside, so probably that was the push I needed to finally buy some tickets and enjoy the bean bag experience.

Get your tickets here. Hurry up, The Last Chapel is open until 14th May. 

Top Tip: Look out for tickets at 25% off.

Date night: Get this ticket if you want to impress your date with champaign and ice cream. Well…. who doesn’t?

Location: Elephant & Castle



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