How to celebrate Star Wars day in London | May the 4th be with you

Happy May the 4th! Also known as Star Wars day.

Today is a very special date for me. Star Wars is and it will always be one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies of all times. I grew up watching classics in my granda’s living room, and Star Wars couldn’t miss the list. I was fascinated and it marked my profound love for Sci-Fi from the age of 4. Today, besides showing us my humble fan-collection, I bring you the best activities you can do in London this May the 4th 2017.

I’ve prepared a very special post today for all Star Wars lovers out there. While we wait impatiently for the release of Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, here are a few activities that you can do in London to celebrate the special occasion:

  • STAR WARS Identities at The O2  Are you ready to see original models, props and costumes for the original Star Wars films? This is probably the most real-life experience you will get, and you get to pick up a lightsaber!
  • Madam Tussauds Star Wars experience  Feel like a Jedi in the real-size decorations from the most famous scenes of the saga. Darth Vader, Jabba’s Throne room or the famous cantina are just some of the scenarios where you can revive every story of the saga. Beware Madam Tussauds, the day I come in I’m not going to want to go. On my sick days, I usually watch “Star Wars IV: A new hope”, can I get a VIP pass to wonder around on my moody days? They may be open to suggestions.
  • Lego Store What London has is one of the biggest and coolest Lego Store of all times. Be sure that Lego is preparing something awesome for today, I’ve been told that for a few days, Princess Leia and Kylo Ren have been guarding the store.
  • Disney Store We don’t have a Disney themed park in London, but we do have hours of fun and some majestic Star Wars merchandising that somehow blends with Cinderella carriage. This is one of the few perks of Disney buying every entire cool saga on the planet: they make it accessible to everyone.


I know you’ve all seen it by now, but… this needs a special space on this special date.



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