DC EXHIBITION: Down of Superheroes

Incredible collection of original costumes, comic books, history and film surrounding the incredible DC world. I had the chance to see some of the prop on my visit to Warner Bros studios in LA, but this is a much complete exhibition with costumers from Tim Burton Batman movies and Wonder Woman.

For me who I’m not much of a comic fan, was extraordinary to be able to see the origin of the characters and their importance in the history of USA during times of war and economic crisis. The evolution of each superhero is also extraordary, as well as the film adaptation and how each director had a different angle for each and one of the them.

From Christohper Reed, to Jack Nicolson and Arnold Schwarzenegger costumes, I was especially emotional with Head Ledger joker full costume.

The Exhibition is in London until September, you can book your tickets here: http://dcexhibition.co.uk – For all of those who don’t like in the UK, this is an itinerant exhibition and it may come to your city very soon! Good luck.



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