Backyard Cinema presents † The Last Chapel

Watching classics on screen has never been so cool. If you don’t know Backyard Cinema by now; is this hipster-intellectual-alternative cinema experience where people sit in bean bags and sip cool cocktails and basically, spends half of the time taking photos of the decoration because, let’s face it, it’s so damn cool!

Backyard Cinema builds themed movie theaters, and this time they’ve got some inspiration from Mr. Tarantino for The Last Chapel screenings. I’ve been meaning to go for some time now, and this last weekend I came across this awesome location called Mercato Metropolitano, and there it was: The Last Chapel decoration that I knew to the detail because has been following me on Facebook and Instagram the whole month.

I can only imagine how cool will be on the inside, so probably that was the push I needed to finally buy some tickets and enjoy the bean bag experience.

Get your tickets here. Hurry up, The Last Chapel is open until 14th May. 

Top Tip: Look out for tickets at 25% off.

Date night: Get this ticket if you want to impress your date with champaign and ice cream. Well…. who doesn’t?

Location: Elephant & Castle


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at Cineworld Wandsworth, London

London is a marvelous city, full of art and entertainment with a huge cultural offer, hundred of unique spots and exclusive events for all ages and tastes; but we all need commercial cinemas every now and then. Basically, if you want to keep up with new releases you need commercial cinemas which have the biggest listings. Another great advantage is the great deals these cinemas have, and since you can find one in (almost) every London neighborhood, it makes a lot of sense for cinephiles to keep track of all movies, at all times without spending a fortune.

Cineworld, like his closest competitors, has an appealing all-you-can-watch membership card. How that works? You apply for the Unlimited card for £17.40/month and you can watch all the movies you want! How cool is that?! Actually for me is kind of a big deal, I’ve lived in many different places and I’ve never seen a smarter way to ensure customer loyalty (this is my marketer side speaking, it always comes up). This, of course, is just profitable if you go more than twice a month to the cinema, otherwise, waste of money. For me it would be the perfect gift, but one of my friends joined the yearly membership (cheaper if you pay in advance for the whole year) and he was real disappointed, as he goes an average of 2 times a month. I am actually really excited to join one of these memberships soon, but I am currently looking for a new place. I first need to decide which cinema I have closer, as Odeon is offering a similar option. It’s all about the location, the one that is closer from home, wins.

About Cineworld Wandsworth. It’s your average shopping mall cinema, they are currently under construction and modifying installations. All I could get from the ticket seller was the imminent Starbucks coffee shop on the entrance, which I find fantastic for all coffee lovers (not me) who prefer a hot beverage instead of popcorn (inhuman, but acceptable). You can either get your tickets at the box office, the vending machines or online. Tickets cost around £11, £14 for 3D and £1 extra for your glasses. I am new to the city so I was excited to see they are also offering 4DX cinema experience, which I much enjoyed the first time in LA and I would love to experience it again, but unfortunately his website is not as much informative as I expected, so I am a bit lost about their SuperScreen, IMAX and other features that for now, are a mystery to me.

The Movie. I’m not much of a Harry Potter fan. I’ve never read the books and I’ve seen the first two movies and honestly, I can scarcely remember. Is not that I don’t love fantasy or epic stories like Harry Potter, but at that time, when it became a boom, I guess and I busy with other films and pretty unimpressible. I guess the principal reason was bad timing. At that time I was fascinated with “The Lord of the Rings” and couldn’t help it but compare the two movie franchises, to be, Harry Potter was a game for kids compared to the epic adventures happening in Lord of The Rings (I am aware that my honesty won’t be appreciated for all of those who love Harry Potter, but this is who I am right now).

Now that I live in London and the British spirit surrounds me on a daily basis I realized Harry Potter is part of its history as much as Sherlock Holmes, Mary Poppins or Peter Pan, so I decoded to give it a try. Any suggestions on how to immerse into the Harry Potter are welcome. Like books or movies first? Anyway, Harry Potter deserves a proper movie marathon after all these years living in the shadow.

Worry not Harry Potter fans, this is your opportunity to read the review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them from a nomaj / muggle.

Eddie Redmayne is one of the reasons I signed up for the movie. He was amazing on The Theory of Everything and I wanted to keep a close look at his work. Newt, as the main character of the story, it lacks essential information, the presentation of the character gets lost in the action and at the end, it becomes the story of a journey that loses its purpose into so many scenarios they try to show during the film. As part of a franchise I understand the delay of the action and the mystery surrounding the principal character, but they leave so many unexplained and unresolved situations that it gets difficult to engage with the story in the first place. Movies should work on their own, especially if it’s the first one. What wrong could it be to know more about Newt so we would expect anxiously his ventures on the movies to come? We will never know.

Beasts are great, they have all the attributes magic animals should have and perhaps they take the role of the principal character of the film, as we know more about them than we know Newt, apparently. The presentation of each animal is very well done, you engage immediately with the creatures and you feel in need to protect them and save them all, even if they’ve been naughty during all the film. The truth is, I would like to know more about the beasts: Where did he find them? How the case/cage works? Why they are prohibited? Hopefully, we will know more in the following movies.

The two wizards and the nomaj who accompany Newt on his ventures gained a special place in my heart. This is probably one of the best features in the film, the second characters are very well presented and have a clear goal in life. Although, my Harry Potter friends were confused about the different rules between Britain and America (wizard wise), should they be clarified from the beginning? Emphasizing in a new rule it’s a must if you don’t want your audience to get lost.

All things said, it was an enjoyable time, the bad guys were not as bad as I’d like, but there was a final surprise that helped me to engage 100% with the franchise and sing me in for the second part. Don’t ask me, you’ll have to see and decide for yourselves.

The Best: The Fantastic, cute and lovable beasts. The costume design, based on the 1920’s in New York. 3D Special effects were pretty cool. More than expected. 3D was a last minute decision (2D was too busy) but a wise one.
The Worst: Screening a 3D movie on a small screen makes no sense to me. Looking forward to seeing the end of the construction. It’s not at all glamorous and the cinema lobby lost their Batman vs. Superman sculpture. Big loss.
Popcorn: This time I tried something new. I tried to mix sweet and salty popcorn. The result was pretty amazing. Loved it! Still, I wanna find some butter popcorn in this country. I won’t give up.
Tip: If you love movies and Cineworld it’s close to your home, work, or you have an easy commute, sign in for the Unlimited card. It makes a lot of sense. It’s really cool actually.


As I marketer and social media lover, I always check movie trends online. Fantastic Beasts generated a crazy amount of fanwork and feedback on social media. I love when that happens and I have to congratulate the marketing team. Here my favorite thing on the internet right now (Twitter).